ETT Helps You:

  • Eat what locals eat, rather than what tourists eat
  • Explore lesser known parts of the US and Japan
  • Understand the more subtle aspects of American and Japanese culture

Japan is not easy for foreigners to understand.

English is not widely spoken, the alphabet is completely different, and the culture is totally different from most Western countries.

As a traveler, this creates a situation that’s both charming and challenging. There’s a never-ending supply of new things to see and do, but it’s also difficult to understand what’s happening—or to find someone who can explain it to you.

The US may seem easier, but it’s easy to get caught in tourist traps and miss the best of what the country has to offer. As for language, without English it’s gonna be difficult.

That’s where we come in!

Hi, we’re Josh and Megumi.

As an international couple who’ve traveled the world—both solo and together—we have a unique understanding of both Japanese and American culture. In both countries, one of us is local, while the other is not.

Megumi is from Tokyo and Joshua is from the US. These different backgrounds create an interesting dynamic when exploring Japan and the US. In Japan, what’s obvious to Megumi is often confusing to Joshua.

In the US, roles are reversed. Megumi is confused by the culture, while Joshua thinks it’s normal.

Together, this gives us a unique perspective. We each notice different things and find different places to explore.

How we met

We met in a coffee shop in Tokyo.

Megumi sat down in the last available seat in the cafe—which happened to be next to mine. Since she spoke English, we ended up chatting about travel and Tokyo. We immediately hit it off and decided to spend more time together…

At the time, I was spending the summer in Tokyo. I’d already spent the first month exploring on my own before meeting Megumi…

She was born and raised in Tokyo and I quickly realized how much I missed out on by trying to do it all myself.

To Megumi, showing me around her “home”and explaining Japanese culture to me was fun. Looking back, nearly two years later, we decided to build a website for travelers interested in exploring Japan deeper than the average tourist.

We knew there was already a lot of travel information out there, but we felt like it was still difficult to find good information in English. We’d search in different languages and find very different information. Many fantastic restaurants would top the Japanese review sites, but be virtually unknown to foreigners.

Beyond language, some Japanese foods are just not that tourist friendly. There are many dishes that are very challenging to explain because they are so unique to Japan.

We decided to take on the challenge of helping travelers understand Japanese food and culture.

Now, we are expanding this a little bit. The more time we spend together exploring the US, we realize how much there is to share. Joshua has lived all over the country and traveled extensively on his own and Megumi has traveled some too.

After taking a long road trip together, we realized how much more there is to the US. Megumi was surprised by how different the regions of the US are. Many tourists don’t see beyond the major attractions, so we are going to take you deeper into the culture.

What to do next

If you’re headed to Tokyo and are ready to try the best food the city has to offer, we’ve created a guide just for you.

Eat Tokyo will take you deep into Tokyo’s food culture so you can eat the best food in the city immediately. It’s a curated mix of food information, restaurant recommendations, and we introduce you to the best neighborhoods.

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