Your Ultimate Guide To Tokyo’s Food Culture


Tokyo has some of the best food on earth, but without a little guidance, it will be difficult to understand. There are more unique foods than you can imagine, as well as over 80,000 restaurants within Tokyo. Yes, only in Tokyo.

Here’s a likely scenario:

Before you come to Tokyo
You want unique Japanese foods
“I want to eat great Sushi, Kobe beef, Tempura and Ramen!”
“We should definitely try Japanese sweets, too!”

After you arrive in Tokyo
“Finally we are in Tokyo! Let’s eat!”
“Omg.. There are so many restaurants! Which one should we try first?”

Stumble upon a tourist trap

“The restaurant I picked from the App wasn’t that good..”
“Yea, seemed like it was overpriced and customers were mostly tourists like us..”

Another challenge
“Ok, we can just follow the locals. There’s a long line, must be good!”
“Hum.. they don’t have an English menu.. Which one should we try? It’s hard to chose and order.. ”

Discover your favorite foods
“Wow..! This is good. I love it!”
“I’m glad we finally tried real Japanese food!”

After visiting Tokyo
Happy but confused
“The trip was a lot of fun! By the way, what was the food we both liked? Do you know what is made from? I want to eat it again.”
“I have no idea.. Probably some kind of fish? I should have learned more about the food.. “


We are here for you!

Hi! We’re Josh and Megumi.

When we met, Josh was spending the summer in Tokyo. He spent the first month exploring on his own and the last two were with Megumi.

She was born and raised in Tokyo and Josh quickly realized how much he missed out on by trying to do it all himself… To her, showing him around her “home”and explaining Japanese culture to him was fun.

So, we decided to make a book for travelers interested in exploring Tokyo. We knew there were already many guidebooks about Tokyo. But, our book takes a different approach.

We focus on Tokyo’s food culture.

Why? Because food is one of the best ways to understand a culture and Japan, in particular, has a long, complicated history that’s difficult for foreigners to understand. While Japanese food is available across the world, it’s nothing compared to what you can find in Japan.

Your Ultimate Guide to Tokyo’s food Culture

  • 200 pages
  • Each foods history, what it’s like, how to eat it, and where to eat it
  • Table manners
  • Basic words for Japanese cuisine
  • Unique food culture
  • Practical information
  • Best 15 neighborhoods

Published: 2017 April

This is not just another generic guidebook. We show you how to eat the best food in Tokyo. Not only where to eat, but also each food’s history, what to expect, how to eat it right and other tips to help curious travelers taste the best of Tokyo’s food. When we show you how unique Tokyo food is it will blow your mind! 😉
You’ll also learn the basics of getting around the city and get help choosing the most distinctive neighborhoods to see.

How To Understand Tokyo’s Unique Food Culture

Sometimes it’s great to just wing it in a foreign culture. Just see what looks interesting without much planning. We’ve done this ourselves plenty of times.

But if you do this in Tokyo, you’re gonna miss out.

You probably already know that this is a big city, but you probably don’t realize just HOW BIG it actually is. Wikipedia says, 13.6 million people with 37.8 million in the region. For Comparison, New York and London both have about 8.5..

Then there’s the language barrier..

Outside of the tourist restaurants, you’re not going to find a lot of English speakers. And Japanese characters are nothing like the Roman alphabet. There’s no sounding out letters on signs and menus if they’re not in English.

Advice from a local can help..

Megumi was born and raised in Tokyo. She’s been traversing this city all her life, and spent a number of years in the music industry taking out foreign musicians. So she knows the culture and has tried many of Tokyo’s best restaurants.

And an in-the-know foreigner can, too..

Joshua adds a foreign perspective to balance it out and explain cultural differences. Together, we’ve put together an introduction to Tokyo’s food culture, tailored to short term travelers.

You don’t have any local friends in Tokyo? No worries!

Megumi here. I was born, raised, graduated, and have worked in Tokyo. Tokyo is my home.

Sometimes I was surprised by people who have been to Tokyo and Japan. They talked about their experience and how fun it was, but they mostly had the same foods you can get in most of the developed world, or just went to tourist trap restaurants and they believe it is real Japanese food.

I had the same experiences in other countries because it’s not easy to try popular local restaurants without a local friend to guide you. Plus, I often wasn’t sure what it was and how to eat it because of the language barrier and cultural differences.

EAT TOKYO will help you to understand Tokyo Food and Japanese cuisine.

Why Do You Need EAT TOKYO?

Joshua here. Thinking back to my first time in Tokyo, I can tell you that I wish I had a little help at first. Japan is not an easy place to understand. My first week was a blur of confusion. It wasn’t until I met Megumi that things started to make sense (because she explained them to me).

If you don’t know Tokyo already, I don’t recommend just trying to figure it out yourself. The food is fantastic, but confusing so you’ll probably just end up at tourist restaurants.

You can start off easy!

Imagine stepping off the plane and already knowing the best way to get to your apartment or hotel. You go, get settled and it’s time to eat. No need to ask for advice, debate all the options and try to figure it all out yourself. You already know what you want to eat, the best place to eat it, and how to get there.

  • Basic And Exotic Foods

    We’ll cover Tokyo’s traditional foods, including basics, like sushi and ramen, but also more unique dishes you’d struggle to know about on your own. For example, the drunken Dojo loach, chicken sashimi, wagyu, Japanese sweets, and an introduction to Sumo food

  • Best Restaurants

    Our recommendations are well curated, but you’ll get a lot more advice about where to eat

  • Table Manners

    Manners can confuse many foreigners and we’ll help you make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself

  • 15 Neighborhoods

    We introduce you to Tokyo’s best neighborhoods and show you where to eat (of course) and see

  • Practical Tips

    Getting around, where to stay, money, and recommendations for short visits

  • Understand The Culture Better

    Japanese culture is at the heart of the food. Rather than just being a tourist, you can learn to understand how people in Tokyo live and eat

Your Ultimate Guide to Tokyo’s food Culture

  • 200 pages
  • Each foods history, what it’s like, how to eat it, where to eat it
  • Table manners
  • Basic words for Japanese cuisine
  • Unique foods to try
  • Practical information
  • Best 15 neighborhoods

Published: 2017 April